New Wireless Gateway for Industrial IoT received Best Paper Award

The new Wireless Gateway for Industrial IoT (WGW4IIoT) is a tool fully compliant with industrial environments, that enables the adaptation to industrial wireless communication specific needs.

Tekon Electronics has developed, in partnership with FhP-AICOS, the Wireless Gateway for Industrial IoT (WGW4IIoT). The main purpose of this wireless solution is to enable the digitization of industry production processes and to reduce costs of a 4.0 industry solution implementation.

The article that describes the solution creation process was presented at the IEEE Computers and Communications 2018 symposium on June 25, 2018, in the city of Natal, Brazil, and it was awarded the BEST PAPER AWARD in the category of Information and Communication Technologies for Industry 4.0. (ICT4140 Workshop Chair)

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