New product - TDU302-I - Isolated DIN rail temperature transmitter with voltage output


Tekon Electronics launched a new temperature transmitter!

Tekon Electronics remains committed in launching new products, aimed at the measurement of temperature in an industrial context. We present you our latest product - the universal isolated DIN rail temperature transmitter TDU302-I.

TDU302-I was designed to be a transmitter that is easy to configure and install. Its slim design makes it possible to reduce the space required in the din rail, offering greater use of the application.

TDU302-I main features are:

• PT100, PT500 and PT1000 sensor input;
• Thermocouple sensor input (J, K, N, R, S and T);
• 1,5kV AC galvanic isolation;
• 0 a 10 V voltage output;
• 2 status LEDs;

The universal sensor input extends its application possibilities and the user interface with 2 status LEDs helps to easily identify the present status of the equipment.

Visit TDU302-I product page or contact our sales department to know more about our new product.

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