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In the process industry, the monitoring and follow-up of the production process ensures the reliability of the different productive phases allied to the product. The control that the emergence of new technologies allows to exercise over the production system, triggered an increase in the qualitative levels of the product and improved the method of industrial management. IoT has opened a new way of communication that allows to know with exactitude the current state of the process in real time.

Tekon Electronics has developed a completely dedicated solution to address the industry needs. The Plus wireless solution allows the measurement and monitoring of a wide range of industrial process variables such as pressure, vibration, flow, level, conductivity, PH, humidity, temperature and others.

Designed to be a viable solution when there is a need to replace cables for new projects or already installed equipment, this solution allows the conversion of any analog sensor, regardless of manufacturer, into a wireless sensor with simple commissioning and intuitive implementation.

Many industrial applications require variables monitoring in remote locations, physically distant control rooms that demands expensive labor in laying cables and moving objects or machines that make use of cable sensors impractical. Apart of the variable you wish to measure, Tekon Electronics has the most suitable wireless solution for your process.

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