Air pollution in large urban areas, as well as in traditional air conditioning and refrigeration systems (sources of bacterial outbreaks) are a current worry.

The primary purpose of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems is to ensure the air quality through filtered vents. However, there’s a strong need to provide to the several users the thermal comfort appropriated to the different moments of everyday life. Thus, facilities such as houses, hotels, schools, museums, hospitals, offices, shops and shopping centers are due to their features, propitious places for the installation and maintenance of this type of air conditioning systems.

The energy consumption of these systems is substantial. Establishing key point monitoring procedures is critical to assessing air quality and provide real time information, allowing instant action to be taken.

The demand for air quality monitoring and thermal comfort prompted Tekon Electronics to work on innovative wireless products for temperature, humidity and CO2 measurement and monitoring – critical parameters for healthy indoor environments.

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