Wireless Serial

WSM101 Wireless Serial Module

Ref.: PA202310110 / PA202310120
868 MHz
868 MHz
915 MHz
915 MHz
  • RS485 interface
  • Up to 256 devices in RS485 driver
  • 9 status LEDs
  • Wireless signal monitoring
  • Operation as gateway or repeater
  • Configurable baudrate
  • Up to 4 km communication distance (LoS)
  • Easy retrofitting of wired serial communication
  • User-friendly installation
  • Transparent data transmission
  • AES 128-bit data encryption

Convert physical connections to serial data transmission into wireless connections, in an easily and quickly way!

  • Benefit from the advantages of wireless connections for serial data transmission via the RS485 interface.
  • Reduce installation and maintenance costs by eliminating cables and simplifying serial data transmission on point-to-point or master-to-slave architectures.
  • Easy installation and configuration.

WSM101 aplicação

Radio Specifications
  868MHz 915MHz
Range* Up to 4 Km (LoS) 
Radio Transmit Power  25 to 27 dBm 27 dBm
Radio Receiver Sensivity  -99 to -104 dBm
Frequency  868,05 to 869,95 MHz  902,50 to 927,00 MHz
Radio Channels 16 50
Encryption method AES 128 (Advanced Encryption Standard)
*Range depends on the environment and line of sight. Always verify your wireless network's range by performing a Site Survey.
Serial Interface
Type of serial port



4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 57600 or 115200

Stop bits

One, Two


None, Even, Odd

Power Supply
Supply Voltage

5 to 24V DC ± 5% USB

Operating Environment
Operating Temperature

-20 ºC to 80 ºC

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