Wireless Composting

Automatic recording of composting process temperatures

868 MHz
868 MHz
915 MHz
915 MHz
  • Monitoring the composting process
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Traceability of the entire process
  • Speed and ease of implementation
  • Scalable solution up to 55 transmitters in a single network
  • Reducing the risk of workplace accidents
  • Up to 2 measurement points on the same probe
  • Automated periodic reports

Wireless solution architecture for monitoring the temperature of the composting process

sonda sem fios de compostagem


Benefits of the composting process monitoring solution

instalação rápida compostagem        

Quick installation

Suitable design to allow quick and safe installation in the field.

conhecimento do processo compostagem  

Proccess knowledge

Continuous, real-time monitoring provides a complete view of all phases of the composting process – mesophilic, thermophilic and maturation.

relatórios de compostagem  


Export data from the monitoring process or create periodic reports automatically sent to managers and operators.



A solar-powered solution that promotes the sustainability of your application and reduces operational costs. Includes a magnetic on/off switch to save energy when the probe is not in use. Also available without solar panel and with battery, for indoor applications.



Each wireless network supports up to 55 measurement points with 1 or 2 temperature sensors.

segurança do trabalhador  

Improve workplace safety

Automatic temperature recording eliminates the need for a worker to constantly travel to the compost pile to perform manual temperature recordings, reducing the occurrence of workplace accidents.

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