Ref.: PA202320510 / PA202320520
915 MHz
915 MHz
868 MHz
868 MHz
Digital Input
Digital Input
  • 1 configurable digital input
  • 1 configurable digital output: remote control (NPN)
  • PNP or NPN pulse counter;
  • Up to 4 Km communication distance (LoS) with 868 MHz and 915 MHz
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • Configurable communication period
  • Simple diagnostic through visual interface
  • Easy network commissioning with site survey
  • Dual operational mode - transmitter ou transmitter or repeater
  • Simple and intuitive USB configuration via Tekon Configurator (free software)
  • IP65 protection index
Radio Specifications
  868MHz 915MHz
Range* Up to 4 Km (LoS) 
Radio Transmit Power  25 to 27 dBm  8 to 27 dBm
Radio Receiver Sensivity  -97 to -110 dBm
Frequency  868 to 869 MHz  902 to 928 MHz
Radio Channels 16 50
Encryption method AES 128 (Advanced Encryption Standard)
*Range depends on the environment and line of sight. Always verify your wireless network's range by performing a Site Survey.
Wireless Network
Maximum Devices (per gateway)


Communication period

1 to 43200 seconds (configurable)

Digital Input
Range 0 to 24 V DC
ON detection level 3,0V
OFF detection level 2,5V
Impedance >500Ω
Input current 10mA
Galvanic isolation Yes
Activation detection Falling edge / Rising edge / Both
Pulse Counter
Type PNP or NPN
ON detection level ± 100 mV
Frequency range 10 kHz
Absolute Counter
Square Wave Signal compatible
Reset over Modbus coil
Digital Output - Remote Output
  Remote output
Range 0 to 24 V DC
Maximum current protection 90 mA
Start state On / Off / Last state
Communication loss state On / Off / Last state
Power Supply
Supply Voltage

5 to 24 V DC ± 5% / USB

Operating Environment
  Environment conditions Storage conditions
Temperature -30ºC to 80ºC
Relative Humidity N/A ≤ 95% (without condensation)

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