Release 12 - New updates of Tekon IoT Platform

Tekon IoT Platform has a new release with new features available. Our software team developed new utilities that aim to improve the experience with the platform and simplify the interaction and implementation of the solution.

In this update, you can count on new tools and improvements to existing processes:

  • Activating/deactivating alarms

Any alarm configured on the platform can be disabled or enabled, resulting in the suspension of sending email and/or SMS notifications and displaying in widgets related to alarms.

  • Custom alarm message

The alarm notification messages sent by email and/or SMS can be customized in order to inform those involved in the process with more concrete data on the problem detected.

  • Activation/deactivation of periodic reports

This new feature suspends the sending of periodic reports to configured recipients. However, platform users can preview the report.

  • New datasources and alarm information

The new DUOS wireless family transmitters was added to the list of available pre-configured datasources, simplifying solution commissioning. In the list of datasources configured on the platform, it is now possible to observe the status of activity or value alarms in each datasource, with a visual indication of whether there is any active alarm or not.

  • New formula type for datasource variables

The new formula type allows an automatic definition of the received value conversion equation by inserting only two process points. It is a variable setting process suitable for industrial linear conversion processes through two Maximum and Minimum points.

  • New widget - data table

Real-time data visualization in table format.

  • User experience and interface improvements

In the datasources, alarms and reports pages, search fields were included to facilitate access to the desired records. In the login window, the option to view the password that is being entered to login has been included.

The new features are already available on the Tekon IoT Platform.

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