Release 11 - New updates of Tekon IoT Platform

 The development of new release has been completed and will be available shortly.

Tekon Electronics finished the new release of Tekon IoT Platform, with the introduction of new features that aim to improve configuration and implementation processes of monitoring systems. The new updates also opened the door for customizing Tekon IoT Platform image.

On release 11, you can count on the following developments:

  • Customization of Tekon IoT Platform image
  • Credit of SMS service
  • Data upload limit by datasource
  • Graphic bands
  • Bulk alarms


Customization of the Tekon IoT Platform

The introduction of customizable fields allows to adapt the graphic appearance and identification of platform instance to the organization/company that acquired the solution. Users can now enter a logo, favicon and footer information, which can include the company name and a link to the company page.

 Tekon IoT Platform customization


The logo will appear in several areas of the platform – menu bar, login window, password recovery window, privacy policy page and platform reports (except “Periodic reports”, which have their own configuration).

login window Tekon IoT Platform   privacy policy Tekon IoT Platform


Check SMS service credit/balance

Services of SMS notification have an associated balance, either in numeric or in the number of SMS's available. Since this is a service external to the Tekon IoT Platform, it is important to be able to aggregate this information and make it accessible to managers/users, without leaving the platform to consult it.

sms credit Tekon IoT Platform


Data upload limit by datasource

Resource optimization and performance improvement were also equated to provide a better user experience of Tekon IoT Platform. In this release, was introduced a minimum data reception interval by datasource, in order to be able to better manage resources and data collection needs. Data management ensures the quality of the service as well as its availability.

With this communication imposition, the data from datasources are assimilated according to the established minimum communication period.

 data upload limit Tekon IoT Platform


Practical example:

If we have a datasource with a communication period of 10 seconds and data upload limit is 300 seconds (5 minutes), the data that is registered on the platform are those with a spacing of 5 minutes (after the first entry) between reception period. All other values are ignored and are not listed on Tekon IoT Platform.


Graphic bands

The graphical representation of registered variables is one of the features of Tekon IoT Platform. Graphs with a timeline help to interpret variables behaviour and know more about the process. In addition to visualizing the variations in the registered data, it is now possible to include graphic bands that allow the marking of value ranges relevant to the process that is being monitored. With this feature, immediate analysis is enhanced with new indicators:

  • Prompt perception of process state
  • More information about deviations

graphic bands Tekon IoT Platform

Each band is directly associated with a variable and is “drawn” on the graph, based on the defined minimum and maximum value. After configuration, graphic band is automatically graphed and scaled.
 graphic bands configuration Tekon IoT Platform
The use of bands in graphs, in addition to the timeline graph widget, has been extended to other areas of the platform that use this type of graph to represent data, such as advanced data analysis and periodic reports.

In the process of configuring advanced analysis or a periodic report, it is possible to define bands that will be represented in the generated graphics.



Bulk alarms

The alarm configuration menu and options was reformed. The new developments allow the creation of bulk alarms, replicating and applying the same configuration, to multiple variables. In the same alarm, it is possible to chose several datasources and variables that are intended to be grouped in the configuration.

In this way, the process of creating alarms for variables with identical characteristics and reference values is simplified and streamlined, reducing the time to implement the solution. The simultaneous creation of similar alarms results in immediate benefits for the user:

  • Reduce configuration time
  • Reduce probability of errors occurring in the configuration process

alarms configuration Tekon IoT Platform

alarms variables Tekon IoT Platform

Another of the implemented updates was the introduction of information messages targeted to the user, which report the lack of server configuration for sending notifications by email/SMS or the lack of activation of the permission to send notifications. The purpose of this implementation is the validation and correct implementation of notification system associated with alarms.

notifications services Tekon IoT Platform

Request the new version of the user manual to learn more the new features.

Future updates

New developments are already underway, which aim to continue the continuous improvement of Tekon IoT Platform's features and capabilities. We are starting to work on the release 12 that we expect to announce during the next quarter.

Any questions about the new developments?

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