New features available on the Tekon IoT Platform

Tekon IoT Platform has new functionalities available for the users.

Tekon IoT Plaform seeks to update and add new features that serve the various applications where it can be integrated to support data visualization. Recently, we announced some news, through the application notes, published on our social networks.

The new Tekon IoT Platform release provides the integration of data from third-party devices on the platform through the MQTT protocol. Alarm notifications via SMS are now enhanced with the EZ4U service. Finally, was created a section entirely dedicated to the detailed data analysis.


MQTT connectivity

The MQTT communication protocol is based on the exchange of messages with the publisher / subscriber model that allows to minimize the use of network bandwidth and resources needed for communications.

Nowadays, it’s a protocol widely supported by the main equipment manufacturers driven to the data acquisition and transmission. The simplicity of the protocol and the quick implementation have registered an increase in solutions that support this protocol.

mqtt logo

The latest release of Tekon IoT Platform allows the integration of third-party devices through the MQTT protocol. Recently, we presented an integration of a Beckhoff device with the Tekon IoT Platform, where the data acquired from a servomotor were visualized.

beckhoff integration Tekon IoT Platform

SMS service EZ4U

The Tekon IoT Platform allows users to be notified via SMS when alarms are triggered. This feature allows that real-time monitoring, offers an additional layer of confidence, and allows users to maintain an alert posture, without having to constantly consult the platform.

SMS service is configured directly on the Tekon IoT Platform but is provided by external entities that provide SMS sending services for various applications. In this new release, the EZ4U service is now supported by the Tekon IoT Platform, offering users another option for sending SMS's.

ez4u logo

Users now have two sms services at their disposal - the existing GatewayAPI and the most recent, EZ4U.


Data analysis

Data is an important asset for organizations. Its visualization and analysis bring new points of view of the applications, where detail is essential in helping to implement measures that aim to add value to the business and improve efficiency rates.

At Tekon IoT Platform, users can now count on with a section entirely dedicated to the analysis of data collected by datasources. This functionality is entirely configured by the user, in order to adapt his analysis to his specific application.

data analysis page Tekon IoT Platform

In this section, the user can set parameters that are traditionally associated with data analysis - aggregation, time interval, granularity, etc.

All analyses performed can be printed or exported to files with formats such as PDF, JSON, CSV, XSLX, among others.


Special offer for new licenses!

Tekon Electronics is offering a subscription of a SMS service with 100 SMS’s so that you can receive notification from Tekon IoT Platform on your mobile phone.

sms Tekon IoT Platform

Note: this offer is only valid for the subscription of new licenses! 


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