Case Study - Tank Wireless Monitoring

Collect and send data from sensors and equipment that monitor and manage the water tank level that serve an industrial infrastructure for the Tekon IoT Platform. Bring together, in a single interface, all the data derived and relevant to the process. Monitor the sensors condition through data analysis and observe standard values for normal function and failures.

The industrial unit where this application was implemented has a high degree of dependence on the prompt and constant supply and availability of water. The water supply is made through an exploration carried out next to the infrastructure, but which is limited by the flow and consistency of supply. In order to overcome the capping that the direct water supply represents for the industrial unit, a water tank was installed to provide the necessary support and ensure and immediate supply base. Its filling, once that it is done through a channel connected to the adjoining exploration, is carried out gradually, in concert with the exploration response capacity. The reservoir it is considered the primary water supply for the industrial unit.



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