Tekon IoT Platform - new update available


Tekon IoT Platform has been updated with new features to improve data treatment and analysis from your application.

New Tekon IoT Platform update available

Tekon IoT Platform has been updated with a new set of features in order to add value to its users. In this new update, users have now access to new tools and options that enhance their experience. The set of new features implemented include some configuration processes, as well as the introduction of new options and analysis tools.

The new update adds the following points:

  • Test the configuration of email and SMS services
  • Alarm configuration information
  • Clone datasources and alarms
  • Dedicated datasources
  • Limit login attempts
  • Password recovery
  • French language available
  • Periodic reports


We will analyze in detail each of the new features.


Test button of email / SMS services configuration

With the introduction of a configuration test button, users can now validate that their connection to the configured services is working correctly. It is ensured that the notification services, periodic reports sending and password recovery will work correctly.

configuration button test


Alarm configuration information

Alarms can have multiple conditions in their configuration. The new update allows you to view the conditions of each alarm, without having to access the alarm configuration mode.

alarm detailed information


Clone datasources and alarms

This new option is applicable to datasources and alarms, allowing to simplify and reduce errors during the configuration process of new entries, using existing datasources or alarms as a basis. Thus, the settings of the original record are preserved.

datasources and alarms clone option


Dedicated datasources

The list of datasource types has been updated. In this update, datasources optimized to match Tekon Electronics' existing product references - TWPH-1UT, TWP-4AI4DI1UT, PLUS-4AI - have been added - as well as the new products of the PLUS family that will be launched soon - PLUS-1AI, PLUS-2AI, PLUS-1UT, PLUS-2UT, PLUS-1DI and PLUS-2DI.

dedicated datasources tekon iot platform

Thus, all variables that can be associated with these transmitters are previously configured, speeding up and reducing errors in the configuration process. In the following image, we have an example of a pre-configured datasource for the PLUS TWP-4AI transmitter.

 datasource TWP-4AI tekon iot platform


Limit login attempts

The protection against unauthorized access to the Tekon IoT Platform has been reinforced with an adjustable login attempt limit system. In this implementation, was introduced a security with validation, of the reCaptcha type, in order to avoid the improper access caused by automatic systems of login attempts.

login attempts tekon iot platform


Password recovery

In the user and personal data management system, was introduced a password recovery feature to ensure that, in case of loss of access data, users are able to recover access to the Tekon IoT Platform.

password recover tekon iot platform

When performing the password recovery request, the user receives an email with a link to the page to set a new password. After confirming the match in the form fields, the password is immediately available to access the Tekon IoT Platform.

password recover page tekon iot platform


French language available

As of this moment, the Tekon IoT Platform is also available in French. Users from French-speaking countries can now use its platform, in the country's official language.

french flag


Periodic reports

The new periodic reporting tool reinforces and complements the analysis methodologies provided on the Tekon IoT Platform. Through this new feature, users can configure systematic periodic reporting, adjusted to their application, based on their indicators and objectives.

periodic reports tekon iot platform

In this document it is possible to parameterize how the data appears, dividing the document into multiple customizable sections. In each section, there are common fields for filling in the information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Selection of multiple variables from multiple datasources
  • Graphical information
  • Table information
  • List of alarms for datasource variables

periodic reports tekon iot platform

The sending of the report is handled automatically. Users can configure the recipients of each report, creating an email template that will be sent together with the report file in PDF format.


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