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Which are the benefits of IoT Platform?

  • Higher productivity

One of the baselines for higher productivity is knowledge about the organization itself and its production process. The IoT Platform ensures the registration of various variables, across the company, recording in a platform common to all departments, information about the production process, gathering decisive data for decision making and eliminating manual registration processes, which add cost and efficiency. reduce the reliability of the data collected.

  • Improved management

Management is only possible with information. Big data handling and multiple-variable analysis enables data-driven decision making. The data stored in the IoT Platform will guarantee the foundation of decisions related to the production processes, being possible to optimize the resources invested in each activity.

  • Efficient forecasting

Through the analysis of trends of variable sets it is possible to understand performance patterns in the processes. Through these patterns it is possible to anticipate scenarios and make decisions based on correlations between several variables and with this, in a deep and predictive way, understand the real causes that impact the organization.

  • Accurate reporting
Get a quick look at your company's production process so that it's easy to identify potential issues and eliminate their cause. In addition to storing data for future recording and consultation, reports improve staff productivity, saving time previously spent querying data or compiling records from different production points.
  • Improved metrics
The ability to collect all sorts of variables broadens the spectrum of performance analysis and the ability to set targets for different indicators. The IoT Platform enables the best performance of the organization through improved metrics for all processes as there are no limits to monitoring possibilities.
  • Increased return of investment
The fact that it is possible to centralize all the information of the entire company in one platform, allows the scaliing of new productive solutions to be done according to the real needs of the company. Thus, it is possible to anticipate the Return on Investment of investments, ensuring their effectiveness through the tacit knowledge generated by the amount of data centralized in the IoT Platform.
  • Better products and services

A good IoT platform will gather information from a huge variety of data sources across a company and beyond. This gives you unprecedented insights into how your business is performing so you can improve your offering, spot problems early, and identify gaps.

  • Simultaneous collaboration of the whole team
The cloud-based IoT platform ensures that all users simultaneously access the same information 24/7. With an IoT platform, physically separated teams can work together without the need for significant infrastructure investments. Shared platforms make working together simpler with common tools, formats, and reports. Employees of different teams intelligently share data to support the effort of the entire team.



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